Our mission: Help you harness your data.

What we do

Fathom Performance helps you, your team or your organisation:

1. Decide what to measure.

2. Find the easiest way to collect the data you need.

3. Use that data most effectively.

Our service looks like this:



Our first chat with you is no-strings-attached. We want to hear about you, your impact and your data/measurement needs. Whether you work with a large organisation, a grassroots initiative, or a potential programme – if you need a way to effectively collect and apply data, we want to talk.



If our service can make a good fit for what your organisation needs, we’ll create an action proposal. If we wouldn’t provide the best solution, we will suggest other tools or services that would be better suited.



Fathom’s offerings are these:

– Help you design a collaborative measurement strategy – we believe in getting everyone involved.
– Help you deliver wins – if everyone benefits from the value and power of measurement, everyone will get onboard.
– Help you decide exactly what you need to measure and what outcomes you need from the data you gather. We hate wasting time as much as you do – let’s measure what matters.

The action plan we develop for your organisation or programme will utilise these core principles.



Fathom will devise a strategy but then can help you all the way through implemention. We can tailor training, workshops, and support according to your organisation’s implementation needs.

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