NDIS reporting made simple

Let Fathom manage your NDIS reporting.

In order to maintain funding or bill for services, the NDIA requires ample reporting to prove the impact of your interventions. Whether you are a service provider, NDIS participant, family member, carer or LAC, Fathom Performance can help you collect the evidence you'll need to make reporting a breeze. Use Fathom to:

- Standardize reporting amongst providers or clients
- Create templates that guide the reporting process
- Centralize reporting in one place
- Produce reports easily and quickly

Calling all Support Coordinators -
We're inviting Support Coordinators to be involved in a pilot project to create standardized reporting templates for your clients. Interested in having templates created for you and testing out the beta version of those templates in our app? Let us know how best to get in touch with you:

Our NDIS Packages:

NDIS Service Providers

In order for your participants to continue utilising your services,you
need to help them effectively report the benefits they are receiving.
We will help you:

– Better understand your participant goals
– Track progress in a way that will fit seamlessly into their reporting process, enhancing their experience with your service
– Showcase the impact you’re making

NDIS Participants, Carers and Families
We will help you understand your NDIS plan and goals, create a strategy for reporting on the services you receive, and make it a snap to report on your provision at your plan review:

– What and how you need to track progress towards your goals
– How to work with your service providers to get the data you need
– Collect evidence in ways that are easily reported later
– Remove the stress of plan reviews

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