Ready. Set. Go.

How it works

If you're ready to benefit from data, Fathom Performance offers a simple one-stop monthly package and also offers hourly or bespoke consulting. Whether you just need access to an easy online tool or you need help designing and implementing your measurement strategy from scratch, Fathom is here to help.
Our job: To take you or your organisation from striving to thriving.

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Do you have a larger team than 30 people or need a customized quote? Get in touch with us.


The Process

We offer both a flat-rate service and bespoke hourly consulting. Whatever your data collection process looks like – whether you have one in place or you are brand new to collecting data about your service or programming – we can recommend which is right for you. We are equipped to help you develop and implement a data collection strategy tailored to the needs of your service or organisation.


Showing You The Ropes

We’re a consultancy that loves to teach. Our onboarding training will help you or your organisation determine answers to the following:

1. What metrics and data do you need to measure to achieve the outcomes you hope to achieve?
2. How can you implement your data strategy to capture that data as efficiently as possible?
3. How can you most benefit from your data to improve, increase retention or recruitment, wow funders and gain funding?


Ongoing Support Available

Need ongoing support? Our service includes three monthly hours of access to Fathom’s staff for support and guidance. And if you need more, we have an easy hourly consulting rate. We’d love to have a conversation about exactly what your organisation needs to make sure you can fully harness your organisation’s data and thrive.

Whether you’re a data expert or just beginning on your data journey, Fathom Performance offers both a fixed-rate service and bespoke projects via easy hourly consulting to equip you or your organisation with data. Get started today.