What if the organisations you support could all produce

accurate, real-time data?

For Funders and Federations

We can help you equip your child organisations with data.


Whether you are a funding body, a National Governing Body or a parent organisation that supports nonprofit or third-sector organisations, you are resourcing the delivery of outcomes. Your significant investments of time, energy, monetary resources and more are made in hopes of seeing those outcomes brought to life.


The Fathom team offers funding and governance bodies an end-to-end solution to harness the power of data for the organisations they oversee or fund. We help implement data, tracking and measurement to make sure your reporting requirements are met and even exceeded.


Fathom’s dream is to make your resources as effective as they can be. Having the data to see what’s actually being delivered in real time allows you to streamline, support, and enhance the returns your investments ultimately create.


We do this by creating tools to track the metrics you’ve already defined that you need your child organisations to measure. We then equip your child organisations with those tools and help them understand the benefits of measurement to ensure sustained engagement and added value.

Could accurate, usable insights collected in real time change the way you’re able to support, monitor, and resource your child organisations or awardees?

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