This is who we are.

Fathom is...


A company founded by a sport coach and powered by people passionate about seeing positive change.


A small consultancy that understands your needs and is on your side.


A solution that makes reporting simple, easy, and useful.

Our Team
The mighty warriors behind the Fathom Performance movement:
Tim Schwaar

Lauren Schwaar


To read more about our parent company, check out Shortbread Ventures.

We believe in the power of activity and intentionality to bring about incredible outcomes.

We also believe in data. When done well, it can be transformed from a burdensome requirement to a powerful tool that creates game-changing shifts for you, your organization, and your beneficiaries.

We know what it’s like to deliver programming or services – and then be asked to collect a bunch of data on top of that. We’re on your side and want to make it easier.

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