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Could data change your organisation?

You're creating impact. We'll help you capture it.

Evaluation Solutions

Say goodbye to data confusion. Our team quickly transforms your measurement/evaluation needs into a tailored data strategy that works.

Hourly Consulting 

Just need a bit of advice from a measurement and evaluation thinktank? We can work with you at an affordable hourly rate.

NDIS Reporting

Are you a participant, carer, family member or service provider that works with the NDIS? We can transform your reporting experience.

Is this you?

You're Delivering Results

You, your team or your organisation helps people achieve outcomes. Fitness gains, personal development, performance enhancement, professional skills, social growth, empowerment - or all of the above.

But Need to Prove It

Whether to secure funding, increase membership or clientelle, attract and retain volunteers, or improve your organisation, you have to know and show your impact. This requires effective data collection.

And That's Hard

The problem: Collecting data, measuring impact and applying results are hard. These processes can be confusing, time-consuming and difficult. Worse yet, it's really hard to convince everyone to do them.

Here's what we do.

Hear You Out

All you need to do is drop us a note. We will schedule a call with you to understand your organisation's purpose, the evidence you need, and who needs to be involved to collect it as easily as possible.

Craft Your Solution

We'll quote you a fixed amount for designing a measurement plan that fits the needs and capacity of your organisation. You can also enlist us to assist in implementing the plan and training your deliverers.

Equip You with Data

You'll receive your tailored measurement strategy and the materials you need to capture the impact your organisation is creating and wow your participants, clients, funders and the world.

Ready to start? Choose how you'd like us to contact you:


Whether your organisation needs:

• Evidence-based outcomes
• Reporting for fundraising or grants
• Monitoring/Evaluation (M/E)
• Investment assessment
• Impact measurement
• Performance tracking and enhancement
• Employee development outcomes
• Results your clients are achieving as a result of your service
• To see the progress you, your beneficiaries, your clients, your members or your team members make over time

...Or you need the above from the organisations you govern, manage or fund:

Fathom Performance can help you capture the data you need and put it to work for your organisation.

Ready to harness your data?


Planned for release Spring 2021